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Voltmetrix Cloud Platform regions

Voltmetrix Cloud Platform is available in the following providers and regions. We expect to add more regions and providers in the future.


Use the region closest to your location to minimize latency.

Google Cloud

us-east1South Carolina, USAus-east1
us-east4Northern Virginia, USAus-east4
us-west1Oregon, USAus-west1
us-west2Los Angeles, USAus-west2
us-central1Iowa, USAus-central1
northamerica-northeast1Montreal, Canadanorthamerica-northeast1
southamerica-east1São Paulo, Brazilsouthamerica-east1
southamerica-west1Santiago, Chilesouthamerica-west1
europe-west2London, UKeurope-west2
europe-west3Frankfurt, Germanyeurope-west3
europe-central2Warsaw, Polandeurope-central2
asia-east2Hong Kongasia-east2
asia-northeast1Tokyo, Japanasia-northeast1
asia-northeast2Osaka, Japanasia-northeast2
asia-south1Mumbai, Indiaasia-south1
australia-southeast1Sydney, Australiaaustralia-southeast1

Amazon Web Services

Our platform is available in the following AWS regions:

US East (N. Virginia)us-east-1us-east-1
US East (Ohio)us-east-2us-east-2
US West (N. California)us-west-1us-west-1
US West (Oregon)us-west-2us-west-2
Asia Pacific (Mumbai)ap-south-1ap-south-1
Asia Pacific (Sydney)ap-southeast-2ap-southeast-2
Canada (Central)ca-central-1ca-central-1
Europe (Frankfurt)eu-central-1eu-central-1
South America (São Paulo)sa-east-1sa-east-1

If you want to use a region that is not listed here, please contact us at [email protected].

Microsoft Azure

Our platform is available in the following Azure regions:

IowaCentral UScentralus
VirginiaEast USeastus
VirginiaEast US 2eastus2
TexasSouth Central USsouthcentralus
CaliforniaWest USwestus
CaliforniaWest US 2westus2
CanadaCanada Centralcanadacentral
CanadaCanada Eastcanadaeast
BrazilBrazil Southbrazilsouth
UK WestUK Westukwest
UK SouthUK Southuksouth
FrankfurtGermany Centralgermanycentral
FranceFrance Centralfrancecentral
South AfricaSouth Africa Northsouthafricanorth
UAEUAE Northuaenorth
IndiaCentral Indiacentralindia
IndiaSouth Indiasouthindia
AustraliaAustralia Centralaustraliacentral


New York 1New York City, United Statesnyc1
New York 3New York City, United Statesnyc3
Amsterdam 3Amsterdam, Netherlandsams3
San Francisco 3San Francisco, United Statessfo3
Singapore 1Singaporesgp1
London 1London, United Kingdomlon1
Frankfurt 1Frankfurt, Germanyfra1
Toronto 1Toronto, Canadator1
Bangalore 1Bangalore, Indiablr1
Sydney 1Sydney, Australiasyd1

Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure


We're expecting to add Azure regions during first half of 2024

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