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Voltmetrix is an API first hosted and managed platform for IoT, Observability, and Analytics.


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What does Voltmetrix do?

Voltmetrix helps developers, engineers, and data scientists to get more of their metrics in less time. Avoiding the need to maintain infrastructure to store and visualize metrics.


Deploy InfluxDB, QuestDB, TimescaleDB and Grafana from your terminal effortlessly. Do it in minutes not days.


Your workloads and data are secure by default. We take care of the security for you. Everything is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Managed and Hosted

This means that you don't have to worry about the underlying infrastructure, security, and maintenance of your time series databases. You can focus on your application and data.

Monitoring and Alerting included

Voltmetrix includes monitoring and alerting for your time series databases. This service operates 24/7/365 monitoring on the Cloud Services.

Global Coverage

With Voltmetrix you can deploy your time series databases in any of the regions that Voltmetrix supports.



Voltmetrix provides support for your time series databases. This includes support for the Voltmetrix API, Voltmetrix's Cloud Services, and the time series databases themselves.

Uses Cases

Voltmetrix serves diverse industries for an array of applications.

Developer Tools


Monitor your systems

Monitor servers, applications, networks, and more in real-time, allowing you to proactively detect issues before they impact your operations. Fully Hosted and Managed


We provide tools in two ways to help you monitor your systems.

Out of the box

With Voltmetrix Sentinel, you can monitor your entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass, ensuring optimal performance and availability.


With Voltmetrix, you can build your own monitoring solution backed on popular Open Source solutions like InfluxDB, TimescaleDB, Grafana and Metabase.


  • How to monitor your servers with Voltmetrix
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: Monitor your servers, networks, and applications.
  • Application Monitoring: Monitor your applications and services.
  • Network Monitoring: Monitor your network.
  • Website Monitoring: Monitor your website.
  • Server Monitoring: Monitor your servers.

Voltmetrix Architecture

100% hosted and managed by Voltmetrix.

IngestionData WarehousingVisualization
  • Telegraf
  • MQTT Coming soon
  • Apache Kafka Coming soon
  • InfluxDB
  • TimescaleDB
  • QuestDB
  • Voltmetrix WaveStream Coming soon
  • Grafana
  • Metabase
Cloud Providers
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS
  • DigitalOcean
  • Microsoft Azure Coming soon
  • Voltmetrix API.
  • Voltmetrix CLI.
  • Voltmetrix Launchpad.
  • Terraform Module. Coming soon
Security and Networking
  • Encryption in transit at rest.
  • Dedicated virtual machines.
  • VPC Peering.
  • 5 x 8 support included
  • Phone, email and (Optional) Slack support.
  • Option for 24/7 enterprise support.
  • 99,99% uptime.
  • 3+ clouds and 45+ regions.

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