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Revolutionizing Industrial Data Management: How Voltmetrix Outperforms Traditional Historian Systems

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In an era where data reigns supreme, efficient management is crucial for the success of any business. Historian systems like PI have been integral in data management across various industries, and we recognize their crucial role in collecting, storing, and retrieving time-series data from industrial equipment and processes. These systems aid in monitoring, trend identification, and predictive maintenance. Yet, as we advance into an era of unprecedented data growth, these traditional systems are increasingly facing significant challenges. Voltmetrix emerges as a next-generation solution, offering a robust alternative to these aging systems for IoT, Observability, and Analytics.

The Challenges with Traditional Historian Systems:

Historian systems have been the backbone of data management in industrial environments, but they face several limitations:

  • Scalability and Performance Issues: Traditional systems often struggle with the high volume and velocity of data generated in modern environments, leading to performance bottlenecks.

  • Complex Infrastructure Maintenance: These systems require significant investment in hardware upgrades and software management.

  • Data Integration and Flexibility: Integrating diverse data sources and types is complex, limiting comprehensive analysis and actionable insights.

  • Limited Accessibility and Global Reach: Many systems lack remote data access or global deployment capabilities.

  • Cost Inefficiencies: High total cost of ownership due to specialized hardware, software licenses, and maintenance.

  • User Experience and Learning Curve: Steep learning curves and outdated user interfaces restrict accessibility.

Enhancing Data Management with Voltmetrix:

Voltmetrix addresses these challenges with a scalable architecture and a hosted solution that reduces infrastructure hassles. It offers seamless data integration, global deployment, cost-effective solutions, a user-friendly experience, advanced security, and comprehensive support. But how?

Incorporating Telegraf and InfluxDB into the Voltmetrix Platform:

  • Telegraf for Efficient Data Collection: Telegraf, as part of the Voltmetrix platform, simplifies the process of data collection. It acts as an agent for collecting and reporting metrics and data, which is essential in environments where data is generated from multiple sources. Telegraf's plugin-driven design allows Voltmetrix users to easily gather data from a vast array of inputs and write them into InfluxDB, ensuring a smooth and efficient data flow.

  • InfluxDB for Time-Series Data Management: InfluxDB, integrated into Voltmetrix, enhances the platform's capability to handle time-series data with high performance and scalability. This powerful time-series database is designed to handle high write and query loads, which is a fundamental requirement in modern data environments. InfluxDB's efficient storage and retrieval mechanisms make it an ideal solution for managing the large volumes of time-series data that Voltmetrix users deal with, ensuring faster insights and real-time analytics.

  • Synergistic Integration with Modern Technologies: Along with Telegraf and InfluxDB, Voltmetrix integrates with modern technologies like RabbitMQ, MQTT, and Grafana. This integration creates a comprehensive and cohesive data management ecosystem, capable of handling the complexities and demands of modern data environments.


The shift from traditional historian systems to Voltmetrix, enhanced with Telegraf and InfluxDB, is crucial for businesses navigating today's data-rich landscape. Voltmetrix offers a revolutionary approach to data management, focusing on scalability, user experience, security, and global accessibility. By embracing Voltmetrix and its integration with advanced technologies, businesses can transcend the limitations of traditional systems and fully leverage their data for strategic decision-making and growth. Let's talk about how Voltmetrix can transform your factories, plants, and industrial environments. Contact us to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you harness the power of your data.