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Voltmetrix for Developers: Build on top of us and get the most out of your data

The Voltmetrix platform comprises a powerful time series databases and a suite of tools to collect, analyze, and take decisions on streaming data in real time.

Developer Friendly

Voltmetrix is built with developers in mind. We provide a number of options to help you get started quickly. You can use the clients to integrate the Voltmetrix solutions with your apps.


Data Warehousing

Voltmetrix provides a resilient data pipeline to help you effectively utilize and process that data. We provide a number of data storage options like MySQL, Postgres, InfluxDB, QuestDB, TimescaleDB, and more.

Data closer to your users

Voltmetrix provides a number of regions through different Cloud providers to help you get the data closer to your users. Check our Regions page for more information.

No vendor lock-in

Voltmetrix is built on open source software and we really believe that the data is yours. We provide a number of options for data storage and visualization so you can choose the best option for your needs.

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