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Deploy Metabase

Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool that lets you ask questions about your data and displays answers in formats that make sense, whether that’s a bar graph or a detailed table.

You can deploy Metabase in the Voltmetrix Platform effortlessly and start connect your data sources.

Deploy Metabase


  • Size: Metabase can run in minimal configurations, however we recommend to use at least a t2.small instance. You can see the available sizes here. Its important to size your instance according to your needs. You need to have in mid number of data sources, dashboards, concurrent users, data that you going to pull from the data sources, etc. If you need help with this, please contact us at [email protected].

  • Region: The region where you want to deploy your instance. You can see the available regions here. This is important because the region will affect the latency of your queries. You will want to deploy your instance in the region that is closer to your users and yours data sources.

Deploy MetaBase

Deploying a new Metabase instance is very easy. You just need to run the following command:

voltmetrix deploy \
--cloud aws \
--database metabase \
--org_id your-org_id \
--token your-awesome-token \
--plan professional \
--region us-east-1

The response will be a JSON object with the following properties:

  "cloud": "aws",
  "resource_id": "5c9f5b5c",
  "database": "metabase",
  "org_id": "your-org_id",
  "plan": "professional",
  "region": "us-east-1",
  "created_at": "2019-03-27T12:34:56.789Z",

You will receive an email with the information that you need to start to use the service.

Metabase can be available to use a few minutes after you received the email. The time can be between two and five minutes and depends on the size of the instance.

Access your Metabase instance

You can use the url to access your Metabase instance.

Configure your Metabase instance

Once you browse to your Metabase instance, you will see the following screen:

label Do click on the Let's get started! button.

From there, you will see four steps, starting choosing the language of your Metabase instance.

label Once you choose the language, do a click in next.

In the next screen you wil need to provide your information. Here you need to provide your name, email and password. Once you fill the form, do a click in Next.


In the next screen you will need to choose the database that you want to connect. If you don't have any database, you can skip this step clicking in I'll add my data later.


The last step is an invitation to allow Metabase to collect anonymous usage data. You can choose to allow or not. Once you choose, do a click in Finish.


Clicking in Take me to Metabase you will be redirected to the Metabase dashboard.

If everything is ok, you will see the following screen:


Ready to roll?

Now that you have your Metabase instance up and running, you can start connect your datasources, create dashboards, queries, integrations, invite users, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or sign up to the Time Series Community Slack.