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Introducing Grafana Loki in the Voltmetrix Platform. Unleashing Log Analytics at Scale

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We are thrilled to announce that Grafana Loki, the powerful log aggregation and analytics platform, is now available on the Voltmetrix Platform! This exciting integration expands our observability capabilities, enabling you to gain valuable insights from your logs and streamline troubleshooting processes.

What is Grafana Loki? Grafana Loki is a horizontally scalable, highly efficient, and cost-effective log aggregation system. It is designed to help you centralize and analyze logs from various sources, allowing you to easily search, explore, and visualize log data. With its unique indexing and query approach, Loki offers blazing-fast performance and flexibility, making it a perfect fit for managing logs at scale.

Benefits of Grafana Loki in the Voltmetrix Platform:

  • Simplified Log Management: With Grafana Loki integrated into the Voltmetrix Platform, you can seamlessly collect, store, and analyze logs alongside your metrics and traces. Say goodbye to managing separate log management systems and enjoy a unified observability experience.

  • Powerful Log Exploration: Unlock the power of log analytics with advanced querying capabilities provided by Grafana Loki. Dive deep into your logs, filter by various attributes, and uncover hidden patterns and anomalies that can help you troubleshoot issues quickly and proactively.

  • Scalability and Efficiency: Grafana Loki's unique architecture ensures high scalability and efficiency, allowing you to handle large volumes of logs without compromising on performance. It efficiently stores logs in a compressed format, optimizing storage costs while maintaining fast query speeds.

  • Seamless Integration with Grafana: Grafana Loki seamlessly integrates with Grafana, our robust visualization and monitoring platform. Leverage the power of Loki's log data alongside your metrics and create rich dashboards and alerts to gain comprehensive insights into your systems.

How to Get Started

Deploy Grafana Loki

Getting started with Grafana Loki in the Voltmetrix Platform is easy! If you already have the CLI installed, you can deploy in your preferred region and cloud provider:

voltmetrix deploy \ 
--cloud aws \ 
--database loki \ 
--org_id your-org_id \ 
--token your-awesome-token \ 
--size t2.medium \ 
--region us-east-1

Start to push logs to the platform.

In this case we are going to use Promtail to push logs to the platform. Let use this configuration file where we need to specify what are the logs that we want to push to the platform. In this example we are collecting logs from the journal of the host.

  http_listen_port: 3100
  grpc_listen_port: 0

  - url:
      username: loki-user
      password: <password> # You received this password in your email.

  filename: /opt/promtail/positions.yaml

  - job_name: ecs/journal
      json: false
      max_age: 12h
      path: /var/log/journal
        job: ecs/systemd-journal
      - action: drop
        source_labels: ["__journal__transport"]
        regex: "kernel"
      - source_labels: ["__journal__systemd_unit"]
        target_label: "unit"
      - source_labels: ["__journal__hostname"]
        target_label: "host_name"
      - source_labels: ["__journal__transport"]
        target_label: "transport"
      - source_labels: ["__journal__cmdline"]
        target_label: "_cmdline"
      - source_labels: ["__journal_priority"]
        target_label: "_priority"
      - source_labels: ["__journal_priority_keyword"]
        target_label: "priority"
      - source_labels: ["__journal_syslog_identifier"]
        target_label: "syslog_identifier"
      - source_labels: ["__journal_syslog_message_severity"]
        target_label: "level"
      - source_labels: ["__journal_syslog_message_facility"]
        target_label: "syslog_facility"

Save this file as promtail.yml

Once you have the configuration file ready, you can run Promtail with the following command:

promtail -config.file=promtail.yml

The output of this command should be something like this:

level=info ts=2023-06-19T23:26:04.309804187Z caller=promtail.go:133 msg="Reloading configuration file" md5sum=9386e033f4b9dfb7f312d8a292191f16
level=info ts=2023-06-19T23:26:04.31245475Z caller=server.go:323 http=[::]:3100 grpc=[::]:45539 msg="server listening on addresses"
level=info ts=2023-06-19T23:26:04.312674622Z caller=main.go:174 msg="Starting Promtail" version="(version=2.8.2, branch=HEAD, revision=9f809eda7)"
level=warn ts=2023-06-19T23:26:04.313566917Z caller=promtail.go:265 msg="enable watchConfig"

If you already connected a Grafana instance to this new deployment, and Promtail is running, you should be able to see the logs in the Explore section of Grafana.



With the addition of Grafana Loki to the Voltmetrix Platform, we have elevated our observability capabilities to a new level. The seamless integration of Grafana Loki allows you to centralize and analyze logs alongside your metrics and traces, providing a comprehensive view of your systems' health and performance.

Gone are the days of juggling multiple log management systems and struggling to make sense of scattered log data. Now, with Voltmetrix and Grafana Loki working in harmony, you can easily explore and visualize logs, uncover insights, and accelerate troubleshooting processes.

The scalability, efficiency, and advanced querying capabilities of Grafana Loki empower you to handle log data at any scale without compromising performance. Its integration with Grafana opens up a world of possibilities for creating rich dashboards and alerts that combine metrics and logs, giving you a holistic understanding of your environment.

We invite you to take advantage of this powerful combination and experience the power of log analytics in the Voltmetrix Platform. Empower your teams, enhance your troubleshooting capabilities, and gain actionable insights to drive your business forward.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance the Voltmetrix Platform, bringing you innovative tools and technologies to fuel your analytics, IoT, and observability journey.