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Voltmetrix Engine v2.2: New Features and Improvements

· 2 min read

Voltmetrix Engine v2.2 Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash


One of Voltmetrix's main goals is to continuously evolve its platform and improve its services to provide the best experience for its customers. In this article, we will cover the new features and improvements introduced in Voltmetrix Engine v2.2.

The Voltmetrix Engine serves as the heart of our platform. It manages the lifecycle of services deployed within the platform, including provisioning, scaling, and deprovisioning. Additionally, it handles the billing system and access control for the platform.

New Features

New Cloud Provider: Google Cloud

As announced a few days ago, Voltmetrix now supports Google Cloud as a new cloud provider. This means you can deploy your services on Google Cloud. For more information about this new feature, refer to this blog post.

Adding Balance to Your Account

You can now add balance to your account using the CLI. We have partnered with Stripe to provide a secure and straightforward way to add balance to your account. How does it work? It's simple! Just run the following command:

voltmetrix add-balance \
    --org_id <your-org-id> \
    --token <your-access-token>

This command will return a URL that you can use to add balance to your account. Please ensure you use the email address that you have registered on the platform when adding balance. If you use a different email address, the balance will not be added automatically. In that case, please reach out to [email protected] to have the balance added to your account.


Simplified Login

We have simplified the login process. You can now log in using your email address and password, without the need to provide the organization ID anymore. The new login command looks like this:

voltmetrix login \
    --email <your-email-address> \
    --password <your-password>

Upon successful login, you will receive the org_id and the token, which you can use to interact with the platform.

Please note that the session is valid for one hour. After that, you will need to log in again to activate your token.


At Voltmetrix, we are committed to working hard to enhance our platform and provide the best possible experience to our customers. We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements introduced in this release. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to [email protected].