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Introducing Voltmetrix Wavestream: The Future of Data Storing and Streaming

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Voltmetrix WaveStream


Today, we're thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to the Voltmetrix platform, set to transform how you interact with your data. Introducing Voltmetrix WaveStream – a powerful, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution for storing data from any source.

We're building more than just a database. Our vision is a database tailored for data from any source, capable of scaling effortlessly, and offered at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. A database primed for the future of data streaming.

This will lay the foundation for future products and services. It's not just the bedrock of our platform but of our vision for the future.

What is Voltmetrix WaveStream?

WaveStream is a state-of-the-art NoSQL database. Constructed atop Apache Arrow, a columnar in-memory analytics layer built to supercharge analytical processing and interchange, WaveStream uniquely enables data querying using SQL, even as it stores data in the highly efficient parquet file format. This fusion bridges the best of SQL and NoSQL, marking it a preferred choice for diverse applications.

Key Features so far...

Here are some pivotal features of WaveStream that we've integrated so far:

  • Line Protocol Compatibility: WaveStream supports InfluxDB's line protocol, simplifying data migration and integration with existing InfluxDB tools.

  • OpenTelemetry Compatibility: WaveStream embraces OpenTelemetry, a universal standard for gathering telemetry data from cloud-native software.

  • SQL Querying: Our solution seamlessly merges SQL querying, marrying the strengths of both SQL and NoSQL databases.

  • Efficient Storage: WaveStream entrusts all data to parquet files, a columnar storage format fine-tuned for analytics.

  • High Performance: With an amalgam of in-memory and disk storage, WaveStream stands out as a high-performance database. There's no need to load all data into memory anymore.

  • Storage Engine: WaveStream capitalizes on Apache Arrow, a columnar in-memory analytics layer aimed at amplifying analytical processing and interchange.

  • Storage Tiering: WaveStream's storage tiering allows for differentiated data storage based on requirements. Instead of universally relying on hot storage, data can be delegated to cold storage, thereby trimming costs.

  • Data Retention: WaveStream incorporates data retention, enabling automatic data deletion post a stipulated duration.


Our journey with WaveStream is just beginning. Preliminary tests hint at performance outpacing other databases, but we acknowledge the extensive road ahead, laden with triumphs, setbacks, and myriad learning opportunities. We envision WaveStream becoming your go-to platform for analytics and data streaming use cases.

Curious about a launch date? We anticipate roughly six months of development before a version becomes available for testing. That positions our trial release around late Q1 of 2024.

Stay in the loop

Our journey is just kicking off. While WaveStream has miles to cover, we're eager to share this expedition with you. To this end, we've initiated a Google Group for updates on our progress. Feel free to join us here.


As we continue to evolve and innovate, WaveStream marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our valued users. We aim to be a significant player in the data streaming and analytics space, and WaveStream is the first step in that direction.